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I very much enjoy reviewing quality products that relate to the stage of life myself and my family are in. This is a hobby that I am passionate about! If you have a product that a twenty something Mom, a 1 year old boy, or a busy working Dad would like lets talk!


Honest and thorough product reviews are my goal. I love to write about products that are fun, stylish, innovative, and practical. It is my pledge to be forth coming with my true opinion in all of my product reviews. 
I require a sample for all reviews. The sample must be provided in the original packaging. The sample will not be returned under any circumstance (review or no review), and you will be responsible for any/all shipping costs involved in sending the item to me.
I will personally try your product and write a detailed blog post about the item and my experience with it. I will include a detailed description of your product and pictures. I will also include all social media information for your company. 
If you choose to do a giveaway as well as a review you (the company) are responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. 
Reviews generally are posted within 4 weeks of receipt of product and a link to the review post will be sent to you. Please specify if you have a time frame in which you would like your review to be posted. 
I only accept products to review that are appropriate for my family and my readers.
If I do not like your product (As in, I find it to be a complete failure or it has several fatal flaws) I will contact you and let you know. At that time you can decide if you would like me to go ahead with the review or pass on writing about the product. All company wishes (as far as whether or not you would like it posted) will be honored. 


   I truly enjoy supporting quality brands as well as helping up and coming businesses succeed. If you would like me to be an Ambassador for your company I would love to talk to you. Currently I am a Gallery Direct Ambassador and a Nuby Mom Blogger

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