A Rookie’s Intro to Lighting

The photography industry taught us two options. We either love or hate the light during the photoshoot. In our case, a light should be always our best buddy and we have the power to make it happen.

One of the challenging situations for every wedding photographer is when the light is against their odds. This is because the light comes from bountiful forms, it can be natural or artificial. Imagine how difficult for photographers to find the right lighting while running other errands such as changing the camera or lens. So we list down things you should know about lighting and how to make it your best friend from wedding preparation to reception.

Make sure to position the light precisely

The lighting gives emphasis to the mood and tone of a picture. Your subject can look fierce but the natural light won’t just let you have it. There goes why necessary manipulation is needed on the day of the shoot.

The source of the light has a huge effect on how it will fall in your subject. Remember that there are three distinguished type of light position; front light, side light, and backlight. If you position your LEDs behind the camera and point it straight this will cause a flat lighting. Take note as well the importance of contrast as it establishes the difference between the darkest and lightest area of a photograph. In portrait photography, using the sidelight will make significant contrast on your subject’s face than the front light and backlight. It gives a dramatic impression on the photograph.

Shaping the light shapes your photo

With the help of different lighting modifications such as reflectors, softboxes, and umbrellas you can shape and measure light the way you like it. This is being done for a softer and well-diffused outcome. Shaping the light keeps the balance of light’s impact on the subject.

The only manipulation you would light

We have so much control over lighting more than we already know. Don’t be afraid to use diffusers and reflectors to manipulate the fall of the light on your subject. Like collapsible reflectors which can shape the sunlight or bounce the light with a specific area, you would like to highlight. These modifiers can give you the full control of the light direction and how broad the light would span.

Light modifiers won’t hurt your budget

As a beginner in light composition, you’ll be surprised how cheap the basic light modifiers in the market today. You can even improvise! Just make sure before buying that you already identified what kind of light you are trying to replicate. If you are aiming to recreate soft light then the best light modifier for you is an umbrella. There are three kinds of umbrella light shapers: silver/gold, white reflective, and white shoot. Each has their own specific focus.

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