Thursday, September 19, 2013

Start a Local Moms Blog in Your City?

I believe that New Orleans Moms Blog is an amazing resource for moms in the area. It has allowed me to connect with other moms and this city on a level that I had never quite imagined. I recently took on the role of event planner for the blog and have learned so much already. While event planning isn't totally my forte, I am learning, growing, and becoming more confident everyday in my planning prowess and marketing efforts. Our team is also amazing- by joining the group of what is now 17 contributors, I really feel like I signed up for a new group of friends. There is a wonderful kinship about our team that is really fun. When I applied they told me that part of what I would be granted as a contributor was new friends, hugs, and unlimited support- and that is truly only a piece of what I have been given. I am very proud to be part of something that is making a positive influence on both our beautiful city here AND on a national level!

 Did you know New Orleans Moms Blog has over 30 Sister Sites around the country?

These 30+ Sister Sites make up City Moms Blog Network. Each site is written and run by local moms, for local moms. They provide parenting information unique to their community, and to make things even more fun, they each throw fabulous events to get moms in their cities out on the town. Did you all see the recap post on our last Moms Night Out at the Louisiana Children's Museum? It really was a blast. But I digress, this network of locally focused moms blogs has empowered women all over the country to start their own businesses. When someone joins City Moms Blog Network as a Sister Site owner, they are joining a family that is eager to encourage and support one another. Sister Sites are provided with assistance in the startup phase, ongoing education and resources for continued support, and a community of fellow site owners eager to share best practices.

With the help of City Moms Blog Network, these Sister Site owners are able to become entrepreneurs (mompreneurs) and local influencers, all while doing something they love and are passionate about. I have loved watching the founders (Ashley and Elizabeth) of New Orleans Moms Blog grow it into what it is today, and I am thankful and proud of the part I am playing in that!

Is there a City Moms Blog Network Sister Site in your area? City Moms Blog Network is currently looking for Sister Site owners in 25 specific cities in California, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington. If you or someone you know might be interested in impacting moms in your community like New Orleans Moms Blog is, jump at this opportunity to join CMBN with your own Sister Site. These ladies are passionate about what they do and would love to partner with YOU to do the same.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. As a reward for posting I was entered into a drawing for a gift card. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pampers- Truly My Favorite Diaper Brand #Sponsored #ButTrue

  Disclosure: In return for writing about my honest thoughts about Pampers and sharing about their upcoming campaign, I received a package of wipes and a Babies R Us Giftcard. While some facts were provided by the  pr company all opinions are 100% my own.  

 My husband always says it is worth paying extra for something that affects your daily life in a positive manner. I buy into this theory however when I started buying Pampers for my first (and only) baby it was solely because they were the only brand of diapers I had ever used for babies. Working as a NICU nurse for six years before taking some time off, I can tell you that I have used an ungodly number of diapers in my day. I knew that if Pampers were good enough to use on fragile little people they would be the best thing for my baby as well.

A rolly polly pampers baby. 

  I will be honest, now that my boy is 22 months, we have deviated a bit to try other cheaper brands. We were even sent another brand of pull ups to try and blog about. I was so unsatisfied with those diapers that I declined writing the review at all (why write a totally negative post- no one likes a Debbie Downer). We have tried Target brand, Costco, and even Sams. Some of them worked ok and some of them I deemed "daytime diapers." Daytime diapers are the kind of diapers that work ok as long as you change your kid every couple hours. I then found myself buying Pampers (the good amazingly absorbent and soft diapers) for night time, trips, and longer excursions and then using the off brands when I knew I could change him often. While this may have been slightly more cost effective it added a whole other level of complication to our diaper changing lives. Alas, back to my husbands theory- spend a little extras on those things that just make your daily life easier (Pampers).

  So now you know Pampers are my favorite but which ones to choose? Cruisers, swaddlers, easy ups? It can be kind of confusing. Pampers Swaddlers are my absolute favorite. They are incredibly soft AND absorbent. We used them until we simply could not find the sizes we needed at the places we shopped. I am excited to let you know that Babies R Us and Toys R Us now carry Pampers Swaddlers in sizes 0-5. While I have always found that Pampers Swaddlers excel at absorbing liquid, other new improvements have been made on the line. Pampers Swaddlers now feature an absorb-away lining, wetness indicator and new packaging and graphics.

From September 19-21 Babies”R”Us customers will receive a free $20 Babies“R”Us Gift Card with an in-store purchase of any two Pampers value boxes of diapers (78 ct. or higher).

In celebration of this fun sale and the very fact that it will be easier to find size 4 and 5 Swaddlers you have an opportunity to win Pampers Wipes (64 count) and a $50 Babies”R”Us Gift Card. Please enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win. 

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