Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cleaner Teeth With Oral B Deep Sweep #OralBWOW #Sponsored

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post!  I'm required to disclose a relationship between my site and Oral Care Influencer Network.  This includes the Oral Care Influencer Network providing us with content, product, access or other forms of payment. All opinions however are 100% my own. 

I've always been a manual toothbrush kind of girl. To me a disposable toothbrush is no muss/no fuss, cheap and easy to replace. As I get older though, I am looking for more out of my toothbrush and life! Better dental care is among the things that I am striving to do for myself (you know among working out, better sleep, oh and the ever present eating right). When the Oral Care Influencer Network contacted me to see if I would like to try the Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000, I said sure! 

When I first tried the Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 I almost could not even believe how strong of a vibration there was to the brush. The first word that came to mind as I tried the brush was POWERFUL! I was shocked at how powerful this was- almost to the point where it made me squirm a bit. This sucker vibrates so hard, I swear if you weren't careful you could indeed knock a tooth out. It definitely will take me a little getting used to to use such a powerful toothbrush.

        While the Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 doesn't add to the pleasantness of toothbrushing (the crazy vibration really does make me shudder a little) it certainly does clean my teeth way more thoroughly than my regular old manual toothbrush. The first thing I noticed was how different my teeth felt when my tongue ran over the surface. It is the same kind of clean that I feel after a cleaning at the dentist. Trying the Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 made me realize that perhaps I really did need more help in the oral care department. The major difference in how clean my teeth feel is making me consider bucking up and sticking with a motorized toothbrush for good. 

         Will I stick with the Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 for sure? Truthfully, I do not know yet. It depends on if I can get used to the level of vibration, no one wants to squirm every time they brush their teeth . It also depends on the affordability of the brush head replacements. That is not a knock on Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000- its just the truth. All of the above being stated, if you are in the market for a motorized toothbrush that has some SERIOUS vibration you might want to check this one out. 

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