Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Great Times, A Worthy Cause, and Important Mom Topics

   This blog has been neglected slightly. I have way less giveaways than usual posted and my goal of posting everyday of the week has kind of gotten lost in the mess of life. What have I been doing instead, you may wonder? For starters, Weston and I have been having tons of fun. We have made some new friends, been visiting the park regularly, and even started going to parenting classes at the local Parenting Center. With our days so full it just leaves less time for regular blogging. 

   This past Saturday was the New Orleans Moms Blog's Egg Hunt to benefit the March of Dimes. Preparation for the hunt was lots of fun and some hard work too. I ordered 2,000 eggs from Oriental Trading but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that they would come needing assembly. As a public service announcement to anyone hosting an egg hunt, please note that Oriental Trading eggs do not come as they do in Target. You have to put together every, single, blessed one, of those eggs.

  A few years ago when my husband asked me what my dream life looked like I told him that I hoped to stay at home (mostly) with my babies, work PRN (as I want to), and host events for The March of Dimes. The reality of that dream is that I know NOTHING about hosting events or how to go about doing so. This past couple weeks I really enjoyed learning from others about hosting events, handling the logistics, and even how to announce things tactfully and with grace. There certainly is an art to all of these things! While I may never personally host an event, 2,000 egg assembly aside, it was a really fulfilling week!  The culmination of all of our work was the hunt itself which brought crisp air, warm sunshine, 150 smiling kiddos, and TONS of eggs. I am so proud to be a part of this fun and dynamic group group of women!  Together with the help of our wonderful local sponsors, we were able to donate over $1,000 to the March of Dimes!


   Even though I have not been blogging here as much as I would have liked, I have been a blogging maniac over on the New Orleans Moms Blog page. It isn't that I planned on posting over there three times last week its just kind of how the chips fell. I really put a lot of time and effort into all  three of my posts over there and would love to hear your thoughts on these very important topics! 

My Posts On The New Orleans Moms Blog Last Week 

A Local Mompreneur Feature-  I love learning more about multitasking Moms who unknowingly inspire us to do more and be more. Heather, a local Mom entrepreneur who owns The Palm Tree Playground, answers questions about family life, business, and the art of handling it all. 

Celebrate Your Birth Experience- I have recently discovered through talking with other women that MANY feel guilty about their birth experience or breastfeeding journey. I honestly find this so sad. I feel like I am beating a dead horse but I want to jump and down and scream over and over again, "Embrace your story, it is your own, be proud, your an amazing Mom!" The New Orleans Moms Blog partnered with a local birth hospital to celebrate each of our birth stories. I LOVE this idea and can truly say that I cried reading each and every one of these stories. Check it out to read about the thought process and issues which lead my to decide on a c-section! 

To Work Or Not To Work?- Continuing on the subject of "Mom guilt", many Mothers, including myself, struggle with the decision to go back to work or not. Being that I have experienced life as both a working  Mother and a stay at home Mother, I thought it would be fun to compare my own personal pro's and con's of both situations. The grass is not always greener folks and no choice is an easy choice! 


  1. I, too, am so incredibly proud to be a part of our group- and THANK YOU for all of your work on the hunt! You did so much and I'm glad we've become friends!

  2. Awwww Andie!! So glad I found you ladies! Its been lots of fun! Looking forward to all the good that is to come out of the blog and our friendships!

  3. I was sad to miss the hunt! Hopefully y'all will do it next year!

  4. Thank you so much for everything you did for the Easter egg hunt!! It really was so much fun & you know March of Dimes is near and dear to my heart. It was so great to meet your family!!

  5. I, too, am waaaaaaaaay behind on "personal" blogging. You know why! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work for the Easter Egg Hunt! We learned SO much and I am thrilled to have you on the team. I love your little summaries - all 3 of these posts were awesome!!

  6. I hope we have one next year too Mary! Hope Noah had a fun birthday!

  7. I popped over to read your feature about celebrating your birth experience. I have given birth to 8 living children and our firstborn stillborn son, and I have to say I am terrified out of my mind of a csection. My last delivery, my daughter got stuck after her head was out and they did a maneuver to push her head back in and I was going to have an emergency csection. I mustered the strength up to push her out and laid there- in shock, terrified out of my mind, crying. I waited a long time to hold her, almost a half an hour. I just needed time to calm down and really take in what had just happened. I am due again in May with our last baby- and I will admit the thing that scares me most is a csection. I cant explain my fear, I'm just terrified of them doing it I guess. Reading your story was helpful.

  8. Heather, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story!!! First off I have to be honest here: Nothing terrifies me more than having a head come out of my vagina and then having someone push it back in!! :) You are seriously amazingly strong to have that happen and then still come up with the gumption to push that baby out. AMAZING! That being said I understand your fear. A C-section does sound scary and for some it is. For some a vaginal delivery is scary and painful too though.

    Whatever the case what is most important is the safety of you and your beautiful babies. I wish you all the luck in your upcoming birth! I wish it to be fast, beautiful, relatively painless (I mean we are talking about childbirth here), and SAFE!

    All the best!



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