Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flower Power By ProFlowers- Do You Send or Receive Flowers For Valentines?


  When I was a teenager it seemed that every time a boy gave me roses we promptly broke up. My husband is no exception to this rule. Valentines Day was one of our very first dates as teenagers (today is our 11th Valentines Day together). He kindly brought me a rose and a teddy bear and I returned the favor by participating in an awkward date and then letting him know a few days later that I thought we would really be better as friends. Once we got back together we joked that roses were simply not a good idea. While I occasionally receive flowers from my husband he tends to lean towards varieties other than the standard red rose, which is just fine with me. I love exotic and long lasting orchids, think tulips in spring are festive, and more recently have discovered the joys of succulents.

    This week I had the opportunity to try out ProFlowers. I was really excited to explore the pages of options to choose. While the standard rose options abound there is also a large variety of potted plants, flowers, wreaths, and even gift baskets. I like that there is a variety of flowers where you can even select which vase you would like. I think the customization makes the item more special. I chose the Deluxe Succulent Garden for myself (Happy Valentines Day to me). The garden was delivered to my house on the day that I requested it to be. It was fresh and as pictured on the website. The pot which is described on the website as a black zinc pot is a little less substantial than I would have liked. It is a thin tin like material. I appreciate that they sent directions for care of the plant, as I am one that definitely struggles with a lack of a green thumb. You have to spell out plant care for me in black and white if you want the plant to have a chance of survival (yes even where succulents are concerned).

Excuse the wrinkles, I folded the card and taped it to the bottom of the pot for future reference. 

   I also decided on a dozen rainbow roses to be sent to my Mother. While I don't love receiving roses I still believe they convey the message of love. I know my parents are missing my son and his little toddler years something fierce. I sent the roses and ordered the enclosed card to be signed to the grandparents from my son. They were thrilled to receive them and said they were fresh and beautiful. I think it is important to note that ProFlowers also offers a 7 day freshness guarantee which I think is fabulous.

  While it is too late for Valentines Day, if you are in need of flowers for any other holiday you should take a look at ProFlowers.  As a Mom on a budget I know every little bit counts and Proflowers has a discount codes page to help you get a little extra off.

Disclosure: I was given the chance to review a complimentary product from I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this is accordance with FTC regulations. 


  1. I'm a big fan of succulents too. My husband used to order me flowers from Proflowers every anniversary. We love them

  2. I LOVE Proflowers! I've used them several times and have always had great service and fresh flowers.

  3. I love the succulents! What a great idea! I nearly always send a plant instead of flowers because I like knowing that every time the person sees the plant they'll remember that special occasion.


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