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Popular Styles For Men's Wedding Rings

Popular Styles For Men’s Wedding Rings

When shopping for wedding ring sets, many couples want their rings to complement each other – not only to look good together, but to symbolize their love and hope for a lifelong union. Wedding rings embody the many traits that marriage is meant to be: beautiful, timeless, strong, precious, and cherished. When it comes to shopping for rings, the groom should put as much time and care into his selection as the bride’s. After all, it’s a symbol that you hope to carry with you for a lifetime.

A huge selection of elegant men’s wedding rings can be found just by doing an internet search for the most popular styles today. You’re sure to find the perfect ring to fit your personal style. Here are a few ideas:

The Traditional Ring

Nothing says classic like the traditional gold band: simple, masculine, and priceless. There’s a reason the gold band is probably the most popular and timeless of all wedding rings for men, and will continue to be near the top of the list for decades to come.

Other Precious Metals

Silver and white gold are also becoming popular for grooms’ wedding rings, as the modern man is more stylish and fashion-conscious. Blended metals, such as silver on gold, are eye-catching and attractive without looking feminine. Another type of metal that’s gaining in popularity is titanium: It’s sleek, ultra-modern, and stunning.

Another option for rings of blended or alternative metals is designing them with engraving or custom designs. Laser-cut etching makes it possible to design patterns that have never before been imagined for rings.

Precious Jewels

Who says having a diamond ring is only meant for the bride’s engagement and wedding bands? Many of today’s styles of wedding rings for men include these and other precious gems, which can be set into the ring for an elegant yet masculine look. Rather than showcasing one large stone in the middle of the ring, as with women’s engagement rings, a popular men’s style is a row of smaller stones around the band – or a few gems that are arranged around an engraved design. Even geometric designs or blocks with jewels of varying sizes look attractive on wedding rings for men.

Custom Designs

Here is where you can let your imagination loose. Especially if you want a matching set with a unique look that showcases your individuality and personal taste, having your ring or set custom designed is a fun and creative option. You can also find a variety of rings online that have been custom-made by designers and are ready to sell. Inscribing your true love’s name or a meaningful personal message into the band of your ring is also a memorable way to customize it and make it special.

There are so many different designs and materials to choose from with wedding rings that it can almost seem overwhelming at first. Keep in mind your own personal style, which type of metal you prefer, whether you want a plain, unadorned look or something more ornate, and whether you want your ring to match your mate’s – and you’ll soon be able to narrow your list down and find the perfect ring to symbolize your union.

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  1. i love the one in the picture!!! hubbys the simple man type...i wonder if he would like it

    1. D you mind me asking where you got it from?

  2. i guess my other comment didnt work but do you mind me asking where you purchased it

  3. My Hubby's ring is made with tungsten, so it's scratch resistant and will last...pretty much forever. =D

  4. I really wanted to get my husband a new wedding band for Christmas. I'll have to pin this and see if he catches it.

  5. great i would appreciate it for future reference he actually likes it and although we're not currently engaged he's currently planning ;) so he says lol

  6. I love the ring in the picture! So much better than a traditional band!

  7. Love the idea of a wedding ring that will last forever. That very fitting and special. Thanks for sharing.

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