Monday, January 14, 2013

My Introduction....On Another Blog!

    Hey all, I know I mentioned before that I was doing a little guest contributing over on The New Orleans Moms Blog. You may (or may not) have checked out my post on how to save money on baby products. I am excited to announce that after that post I was asked to join them on a more permanent basis. I am now going to be a regular Contributor! Woohoooo. This group of ladies have really blown me out of the water with their candor, intelligence, and ability to connect to their readers. I must admit that for a while now they have had me crying reading their posts at least once a week. I am honored to join them (and hopeful I can keep up the with their high standards).

You can head on over there today to see my official introduction.

New Orleans Moms Blog



  1. Congrats! Going to check out the site now!

  2. Thanks Lindsey! Let me know what you think they have a pretty cool blog going on over there. What city are you in? Do you have a local City Moms Blog?

  3. Yay! We are excited to have you!

  4. Thanks Ashley! Appreciate it!!

  5. that is great I am happy you are enjoying it and I will definitely be checking out your posts


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