Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This weeks Wordless Wednesday photo. 

And a few words that should be said:

Thank you again to Bumpidoodle for donating these toys in honor of Kristi Renout!

 As I posted on facebook, Kristi won the Bumpidoodle giveaway on my blog, Unfortunately, the giveaway was only open to the US and Kristi lives in Canada. Kristi was kind and generous enough to ask if the toys could be donated to Toys for Tots in her name. 

It is such a pleasure when you come across people that remember others less fortunate as well as what the season is truly about!

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  1. How nice of Kristi to think of Toys for Tots, and how nice it was of you to take a picture of the box for her to see.


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