Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Making Your Child’s First Birthday Party Special With Simple Yet Important Decorations

   A child’s first birthday party can be an extremely important time. My son's first birthday certainly was special to our family. This should be a time for building fond memories that will last for a lifetime. Although you may not think they are important, the simplest of decorations can make all the difference for your young and growing child. To help you plan a fun and creative birthday party for your child, here are some simple yet important party supplies and decorations you can try. 

The Importance Of The Balloon 

Balloons can turn the most ordinary room into a fun and festive party atmosphere. Not only do balloons serve as a great way to brighten up a party room, but they can also create some fun options for party games and distractions. Kids love to play with balloons. You may even find that your planned activities are less important than the simple joys of throwing balloons across the room. Depending on the theme of the party, you may want to choose one dominant color or simply have a collection of a variety of colors. Make sure to monitor children to avoid any accidents. Balloons are also great to include in your first birthday photo ops. 

Happy Birthday Banner 

It is no secret that kids love to feel recognized and honored by their parents and friends. A great way to make a child feel special on their birthday is to display a large and creative happy birthday banner for everyone to see. This type of a sign could easily be purchased from a store, but you could also make one on your own. 

Birthday Piñata 

A birthday piñata can be a fun decoration piece while creating an exciting birthday activity. For a first birthday a piñata may just be décor but as this kids get older this activity is sure to be a big hit. Consider displaying the piñata in a central area where kids can easily see it. This can create a lot of anticipation and excitement as children anxiously await their turn. On the other hand, it may be fun to bring the piñata into the birthday room later on in the party to create a more dramatic effectOnce it is time to actually break the piñata, make sure that kids are seated far enough away so that nobody gets hurt in the process. Also, be sure to have enough candy and toys stuffed inside so that everyone gets to enjoy a treat. 

Party Favors 

When kids go to a birthday party, it can be very fun for them to have something exciting to bring home to show their family. You don’t need to go overboard with expensive party favors, but a little token of gratitude is generally very welcome.  

There are many different things you could do for a party favor. If you have a themed birthday party, it is fun to include at least one themed item. If nothing else, you could always send the children home with a little baggy full of candy. Party favors can be easy and inexpensive, but they can make a big difference. 

Melissa and Doug Bollie Ladybug Bubble Solution
Bubbles are always a huge hit with the one year old set. They are a great party activity and a cute favor idea!

Using some of these simple birthday decorations and supplies will help create a fun and memorable birthday party!

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  1. We are celebrating my daughter's 1st birthday party this weekend. Great tips - we're doing some pretty simple stuff but it's amazing how festive you can make things with balloons and other decor.

  2. Great ideas! We celebrated my son's first birthday this year and went with a minimal approach to the decor. Looked very clean and modern :)

  3. My daughter LOVES balloons. Definitely a hit at her birthday party. Thanks for this simple list!

  4. Great ideas! My 2nd daughter's 1st birthday party is exactly ONE MONTH away! I'm scrambling and these ideas helped me definitely!

  5. What great ideas! I've got a first birthday coming up in three months, so plenty of time to plan. :-)

  6. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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