Saturday, November 17, 2012

Planning of a First Birthday- Getting a Hold of Myself

    When it came to the planning and execution of Weston's first Birthday I have to admit I struggled a bit on a few different levels. I had to balance what was important for this party with my own Mommy aspirations.  I would have loved to go all out invite the all lovely people we have met, rent out a shelter at a park, barbecue, have a bounce house, decorate with  fun things, and order a big fondant cake. My husband and I would have really had fun at that sort of thing. Weston? Not so much. His one-year-old self still needs regular naps and being that he isn't walking yet independently he only enjoys parts of the park for a little while (baby swings and crawling up the slides). Based upon Weston's schedule and comfort levels we decided to have the party at our house.

   Then what to do at this party? Back at home our circles of family and friends tend to love a grand ole first birthday party. We have been to first birthdays with a candy bar, a legit hot dog stand, one with a gymboree-esque music class, one party even had pony rides. These parties were all fantastic (if your reading this friends and I'm talking about your party please know that we loved it) but Weston just isn't really at a stage where these things are that important to him. To further put the cards on the table we just cant responsibly afford any of those things either. With me staying home right now we are struggling with our budget. It's a hard thing to admit but its true.

    I also struggled to slay my inner-pinterest demons. I do love a party with all the trimmings. In the past I've been known to etch a beer mug with a caduceus for a med school graduation party, help build jars full of cookie ingredients for a baby shower, and I have bought more than one fabulous cake. Oh, how I love the look of pretty, all matching, party goods, pinterest worthy crafts, and beautiful fondant cakes. I literally had, stand up, shake it off, and get a hold of myself for this party.  I dreamed of a mustache themed, pinterest-wonder-of-a-party however the money and time it would take just was not worth it. So I settled. I visited Target and bought primary colored basic Happy Birthday printed paper goods, matching goody bags, and a few paper balls for decor. I framed two of his first birthday photos and viola- instant easy decor with no muss or fuss.

   In the end we opt'ed to only invite a few friends with babies Weston's age who would enjoy rolling around in our living room. No older siblings (who I thought would be bored) or older kids. Feature of the day? Home made cheapo ball pit (A baby pool filled with $14.00 worth of plastic balls). Our favorite Jimmy Johns subs and a fruit platter were the culinary treats of the day. We finished with a cupcake cake, from the local supermarket, decorated in the primary color theme with trains. Simple. Plain. Weston had fun.

   Weston had a fabulous time playing with his little friends. He played until he was so tired he laid his head flat against the floor. The ball pit was a huge hit, the sandwiches were delish, and the mood was festive. I was so thankful that our new friends came out to celebrate our boys first year. It was a day that I thought I would be homesick, instead my heart was happy and full. I am so grateful that I chose to focus on what was important and not all the pretty entrapment's. We are so thankful for the wonderful day we had and all the kind and fun people (both in attendance and not) that we have met in this fabulous city.


  1. I love that you stayed true to your budget and what makes sense for your boy. The over-the-top parties are always nice, but I always wonder why parents spend SO MUCH for something the child cannot really enjoy. Looks like you all had a blast :o)

    1. Thanks Nicole. Staying true to our budget is a struggle as is maintaining priorities. I'm sure this is true for many people. Weston really did have a blast!

  2. Love it! And "I also struggled to slay my inner-pinterest demons" ahaha, I know what you mean!! It was absolutely perfect and it was worth keeping it simple so you didn't stress yourself out. Plus, all the kids (and parents) obviously had a great time :)

  3. I had trouble slaying my inner-pinterest demons and I wound up going a little bit overboard with Andrew's first birthday party. In all fairness (and honesty) though, I also was celebrating my husband's 37th birthday as well but I did get a little crazy with decorations and stuff. He had a great time but I decided I'm not going all out like that again. It was cute for pictures and all- but it certainly wasn't necessary!

    I think its hard to reign it in when you are a new parent because you want to go above & beyond and sometimes it is difficult to draw the line! I know it was in my case!

    Looks like Weston had a great time! When was his birthday? Andrew is an August birthday baby. Maybe one day we can get he & weston together for a playdate! :)

  4. In this economy you have to stay true to your budget and you did amazing! my boy's first birthday will be here before I know it too! Plus it's all about making that day special for them and having the people that love them there, anything else isn't really needed :) Love the pics!


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