Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

   This weekend the temperatures dropped here in Nola. Last night my family bundled up our little baby rooster and attended Boo at the Zoo which was sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines. My family was lucky to win our tickets in a giveaway from The Experimental Mommy. If you haven't checked out her blog yet you really should. It is full of tons of great reviews, giveaways, recipes, craft ideas, and local Nola knowledge. So without further adieu, check out our Boo at the Zoo experience.

 Getting ready!

       For those of you who don't know, my little boy can be kind of a handful when tired or off his schedule. Despite this little challenge we were determined to make it to the event and have a good time! I'm happy to report that we showed up at 5 on the dot and were thrilled to see people directing traffic so that parking was very easy. It was a bit crowded so we were happy that the zoo limits ticket sales so that the event does not become overwhelmingly packed.
I love that this event benefited The Children's Hospital and the Audubon Zoo! Both great causes. 

First stop was the elephants. The elephants were the closest I had ever seen. If you wanted to pet one you had the opportunity. So fun for children and adults alike. 
 The head of the rooster costume was not a hit with Weston.
 Pictures by the fountain are always fun!
We got to hang out with our favorite little cowboy and his family.

 Carnival just came out with their new Fun Ship 2.0 concept. In its honor they had a huge display of carved pumpkins, in the shape of a cruise ship, that lit up to music.  
We loved seeing all of the really amazing carved pumpkins displayed. Check out that hamburger on the left. 
 We headed over to the Dinosaur Exhibit which was free with entry to this event. 
We fed our baby rooster to the T-Rex while his little cowboy friend looked on in horror. haha. 
Weston and his BFF Riyan. Lots of fun photo ops at this event!
 Trick or Treat!
Give us something good to eat!
Not sure if you can see in the picture but Weston's favorite thing was the toothbrush he received trick or treating. He gnawed on it for a while. 
Enjoying the music with our friends!

All in all we had a great night. Thanks to Audubon Zoo, Carnival Cruise Lines, and The Experimental Mommy for a fun family night! These special times, with our baby boy, at events such as this are memories that will last a lifetime. 


  1. That event looks amazing. Your son and his friend are adorable

  2. great pics! looking forward to taking Chunky Monkey next year! =) thx for sharing

  3. Awww - glad y'all had such a good time!

  4. oh my gosh how cute! i hope we have as much fun at the zoo dressing up and trick or treating awesome idea

  5. Looks like your boo at the zoo was lots of fun and the animals were out for the kids to see, unfortunately at ours, almost all of the animals were in for the night - even at 6pm!


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