Monday, August 6, 2012

Weston's Weekend

     This weekend we left Weston with our first ever non-friend/non-family babysitter. The simple act of putting him to sleep and then sneaking (it felt like sneaking) out to a fancy dinner in a black dress made me feel like myself again. There exists my self that is a Mother....but this...this was ME. The fun carefree, light and easy, in love with my husband ME. Bottom line, we had fun, and girlfriends gotta get out more!

     Our weekend with Weston consisted of a local farmers market outing where he had his first coconut Popsicle. He loved it. The best part of this experience was that the coconut dribbled down his chin onto his little outfit and he smelled like tropical deliciousness the rest of the day. He also had his first ever baby pool experience. We blew up his crab shaped baby pool and let him splash around until his piggies were nice and pruned. Baby boy loves himself some water.

 Just a little water in my face from splashing!
Trying to eat some grass....

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  1. I could use a weekend like that too:)

    1. I highly recommend you attempt to make it happen! Date night is just needed sometimes!!!!

  2. such cute pictures! babies are almost always in love with water aren't they?


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