Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weston's Weekend

  Despite this bit of photography being rather lack luster we had a fabulous, fun, family weekend. We started with Mexican night with friends at our house and ended with a family day at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. The (air conditioned) aquarium was exactly what we needed to escape this insane summer heat.  I wasn't sure that Weston would like the aquarium but was thrilled to see him babbling away at all the beautiful fish and sea life.  Let me just say, that the aquarium has got to be the hardest place EVER to take quality photographs.  With out further adieu, Weston's Weekend...

Weston 8 months 3 weeks

He's got his whale butt pants on for the aquarium!

DOCTOR fish!


  1. How was the aquarium compared to others you've been to? Will is a big fan of the fish now, can't wait to take him to see Nemo in September!

  2. It was smaller than some of the others Ive been to but perfect for baby boy. Just big enough to have fun but small enough to sprint for the exit when it was time for nap time. Trust me we trialed the sprint to the exit....haha.

    Hope Will enjoys Nemo!


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