Friday, July 6, 2012

Settling and Friend Hunting

  The furniture has arrived. The boxes have been unpacked. Paintings and mirrors have been hung. We are staying in is certain. With every piece of furniture I buy and every plate I put away my ability to change my mind and ship my family home on the first plane out decrease exponentially.  With the finality of the move setting in I realize that I need to begin to setting up a life for me and my boy's.

       I got up this past Monday, put on a cute outfit, blew dry my hair, and set out for a local parenting center (which I wont name). I was so excited.  I was going to meet a new friend for sure! Not quite. In fact it was what I would refer to as an EPIC fail. The center was less than cheery, less than friendly, and less than I expected all together. I am not a germ freak, however, I had a strong urge to retreat and use a lot of Purell.

    Round two of friend seeking came in the form of the Internet. I found . This is a website that connects you to local groups of people that, "Meet-up" based on common interests.  This at first to me felt very strange. Online friend dating for Mommas?  Despite my doubts, I quickly decided it was worth a try and submitted my application to the Hip Mama's and Papa's of NOLA.  Am I hip? Not so sure, but Ill give it my best shot. My first official meet up is in July and Ill be sure to blog about how it goes.

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