Friday, July 13, 2012

Creating What You Want in Life

   Those of you who know me in real life know that I am a big fan of reading blogs. Last week, while I was feeling a little homesick and missing my friends, I happened across a blog post by Kelle Hampton. The post, "Creating Change", is colorfully written, touting the fact that if you have the ability to be creative in life you will have a greater chance at happiness. Kelle's words weave together far more poetically than my own, creating what I can only describe as an A+ college entrance-like essay. Her point enlightened my mind and lifted my spirits. Take what you have, even if its not what you want, and manufacture your own happiness.

   This week I worked hard to find my own happiness. I stepped out of my comfort zone (several times) and went to a variety of Meet-up Groups. Yes, in my prior posting I had been hesitant, but I decided to use the tools on hand (cute baby and a big smile) and dive right in.

      On Tuesday, Weston and I went to a library and listened to Kevin Roth sing and play his lovely dulcimer (No, I had never heard of such an instrument either).  Weston loved the songs, we met a few kind Moms, and it was a success. Such a success, in fact, that on Thursday morning we showed up for another story time. This time it we met Boudreaux D. Nutria, the local baseball team mascot. There was story time, pictures, and mingling Mama's.

                       Pardon this terrible picture. Weston is clinging to the mascots leg and I cut off the poor rat's head.

            On Thursday night, I dusted off my heals, threw on some lipstick, and headed out to Corks and Canvas with the Metairie Moms Meet-up Group. Corks and Canvas is an amazing establishment (I can't believe there isn't one of these in Miami). You show up with your girlfriends, your wine, and your snacks, and the store provides the rest. You sip wine and snack while an instructor leads you through painting your masterpiece.  I had a fabulous time! Big thanks to the lovely Metairie Moms for coordinating the night out, and to my new friend Urmi for being my plus-one for the evening!

           All in all, the week was a roaring Mama meet-up success. The more friendly and open I am to new people, the more blessed I will be with new relationships. Take what you have and create what you want. Thank you Kelle Hampton for the words that provided the inspiration for my week.

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