Friday, July 6, 2012

Beat the Heat, One Mama's New Orleans Summer Goals

      Miami summers were always steamy hot, however, this summer in New Orleans has topped any heat I've ever experienced.  I'm not sure if its the humidity or the 20 lb baby boy attached to my hip but its been a non-stop sweat and swelter fest since I arrived. To beat the heat and keep myself busy this summer I have concocted a list of 10 summer goals for myself.

1. Visit the Audubon Aquarium.

2. Cook three new meals for the Hubs.

3. Pick out and review a new convertible car seat for Weston.
    Attempt to figure out, " Is Britax really worth its price tag?"

4. Attend Mommy and baby yoga at least 4 weeks in a row. No, I'm not flexible AT ALL . I am however, down for an air conditioned workout with the babe.

5.  Finish the Shades of Gray Trilogy. Yes, I, like many other Mama's have fallen prey to the Mommy Porno trio of literary smut. Love it for what it is. Poorly written, easy reading, porno. Can I get a "Yes, please?"

6. Skype at least twice a week with the Grandparents so that they can get weekly doses of the growing babe.

7. Catch up on Weston's baby book. I was doing great on keeping up and then fell apart about a month before the move.

8.  Call the babysitter that was recommended and set up a day to meet her. Mama may need a date night sooner rather than later.

9.  Set up a summer photo shoot for the babe.

10.  Create a daily cleaning schedule. I love my new house but its bigger than I'm used to. I am admittedly worried that the dirt and square footage is going to overwhelm me. Perhaps if I create a daily chore list for myself I will be able to keep up?

What are your goals for summer? I would love to hear.


  1. Btw, yes Britax is worth the price tag. The guy at BuyBuy Baby got me sold on it because of its excellent ratings, how comfortable it is and how safe it is. I've only used this brand since Maddy came along. I loved the infant seat and now her convertible seat. Still do your research, but from my stand point it's the best. I'm even in the market for the stroller, they're one of the brands that has a great tandem stroller for our new addition. Well, hope your research goes well. Let me know what you decide.

  2. Natasha,
    Hooray for new additions!! Congrats on the big news!!! Thanks for the Mommy advice. I appreciate it. Thats what this blog is really all about, the things you learn as a Mom, both goood and bad, and sharing it with others. I will definately be posting about what I decided regarding the carseat.
    Hope all is good and you are feeling well!


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