Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Moving Musings

   I apologize for my lengthy blogging absence. Perhaps it was my seemingly endless packing and unpacking of boxes, my lengthy drive to my new home, my extended lack of Internet, or my 7 month old koala bear of a baby.  Whatever it was, blogging was rendered IMPOSSIBLE.

       Since I last posted Louisiana has become my new home. All I can say is thank heavens for Mommas. Without mine, this move would not have been possible. She made the 14 hour drive with me, shushed the babe, bathed him night after night, unpacked, cooked, soothed, and generally made my life easier until my husband could come for backup. Thanks Mom!!!
  The drive was nowhere near as bad as expected. Who would have ever thought my fiesty son would nod off to sleep in his car seat for three hour stretches?! Certainly not me. Thankful? Thankful does not even cut it.

(Please no judgement, this was at a rest stop haha)

  More about the move and our settling soon. Till then just know we are happy to be together again. It would be easy to be sad about all we left. It's more complicated to feel all that I feel about this move at once. Excited, thankful, grateful,  scared, and lucky. Lucky to be here. Lucky to be together. Lucky to be safe and healthy. Missing my family and friends, yes. But knowing that this is our new adventure....


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  1. such a beautiful baby!

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