Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog Etiquette??

          Staring dreamily into your newborns eyes during late night feedings is only awesome until your completely and utterly exhausted. Often by 4 am I struggled to stay awake to feed my baby without dropping him. To combat my sleepiness I started following many amazing blogs on my iPhone. Popping in for a 4 am blog reading became something like visiting an old friend.  Id feed my babe and read about the latest and greatest in someone elses fascinating life.

         Blogging is a new thing for me. I imagine there is blogger etiquette, yet I have no idea what it is. With technology of the past there was always some kind of etiquette to learn. For example, it was never polite to write in capitals in a chat room, after all, "WHY ARE YOU YELLING?!" What I'm getting at is I'm not sure if its proper blog etiquette to randomly recommend others blogs? Or perhaps I should email them and ask if I may post links to their blogs? Whatever the case I have decided to list here some of my favorite blogs. Thanks for the blogging inspiration ladies (and gents).










  1. I see people post their favorite websites all the time on other blogs. I thiink.its nice to tip your cap to another blogger!

  2. How sweet, Karen!

    I have a section on my blog where I keep links to my favorite blogs. I think it's healthy to spread the love--there are plenty of readers for everyone.

    Thanks again.


  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment Elizabeth! I have to admit I've always been a lurker and never come out of hiding to comment on your blog. Even though I haven't commented I have really enjoyed watching your boy grow. He"s just a few months older than my own!

  4. Aw thanks so much Karen! We have a list of favorite blogs on our sidebar too! It's a fun way to share other places you love to hang out online!


  5. Have you read Bloom? If not, I have it and you're welcome to borrow it. I saw you mentioned Kelles blog :)

    1. I sure have! I have been a long time Kelle blog stalker. What were your thoughts on the book?


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