Monday, May 21, 2012

Are YOU Mom enough?

I hate to write about a controversial topic as my second blog post ever, however, I simply cannot resist. I am a new Mother who has fallen in love with her baby and learned to enjoy breastfeeding in ways she never expected. Easy at first? No! The right decision for us and now a wonderful part of my son's babyhood? Yes!

Despite my new found passion about breastfeeding I am disgusted by Time Magazine's recentcover featuring a beautiful, 20 something, trendy, woman looking the camera in the eye and breastfeeding her almost 4 year old. I certainly find this practice unappealing and have no qualms about weaning around age one. That being said the title of the article and the unfavorable attention this article calls to breastfeeding angers me.

As a new Mom decisions abound. Breastfeeding or formula feed is just one of thousands of decisions we are about to make for our offspring in the coming years. It's terrifying. Yet, it's seems instead of supporting one another we are our own biggest judges. Time pits us against each other once again with their title, "Are you Mom enough?" Why may I ask does Mothering bring out the competition amongst Mothers? Mothering is not a competition to be won and even if it was I highly doubt that breastfeeding would be the leg of the race that would win you the title. I wish Time would have instead asked, "Are you Mom enough to respect each other in personal parenting decisions?"

Secondly, breastfeeding even an infant is not completely societally accepted . Some are squeamish and seem skeeved out by the whole thing. Even when using a cover and nursing an infant in public some stares are expected. I believe that feeding an infant in public should be ok, however, Time makes this again more difficult by making breastfeeding seeming freakish and unnatural. The article was meant to be sensational and shocking. Nothing about breastfeeding an infant should be sensational or shocking.

 What are your thoughts on the cover? Do you believe there is a problem with competition Mommy to Mommy? Do you think the title and cover page were meant to shock and sensationalize breastfeeding? If your currently breastfeeding how do you feel about the article? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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